48th state motorcycle tour – day 12, May 17, 2017

We woke up fairly early in New York City. The weather was just beautiful. It was nice and cool but temperatures were going to rise quickly. We  retrieved our bikes from the hundred and First Avenue garage. Read the walk from 94th to 101st so it was a good way to start the day with a 7 block walk. We got our bikes from the bottom of the garage and they almond on an elevator to the next floor. We rode back to the hotel and packed up the bikes.

We had breakfast across the street at the same place that we had pizza a couple of nights before. He then got on the bikes and said goodbye to New York City and headed north towards New England.

After a short time we came to Connecticut and then continued up to Rhode Island and then into Massachusetts.

 Now, what does 95 degrees, Sam Adams beer, and $75 have in common? The answer is below.

We pulled over in Boston  and found a lunch place in what looked like the original section of town. The place was called the point and we had a nice lunch which of course included a Sam Adams beer.

We walked through the original section of town on the Frontier Trail and found the North Church which is where Paul Revere hung the lanterns following the designation of one if by land two if by sea. We then found Paul Revere’s house where he lived from 1770 to 1800. 90% of the interior was original.

When we got back to our bikes we found a $75 surprise.

Giving motorcycles a parking ticket is just really chickenshit. We take it very little space and usually it is a courtesy to cars for us to park elsewhere so they have parking spots. Needless to say the city of Boston is going to get an unhappy letter from me when I pay the fine.

After Boston we headed north towards New Hampshire and then into Maine.

In Maine, we reached the corner of our trip. This was the farthest east we would travel because at this point we literally turned around and headed home. We took pictures at the Kittery Maine fire department and got on our bikes and headed back south and West towards home.

Copy and paste the link for a video.

We headed back through New Hampshire and Massachusetts and then back into New Hampshire and found a campsite near Brattleboro Vermont but on the other side of the river in New Hampshire.

Today we went through five new states which is the most we will do on the tour. We got to Hinsdale Campground at about 10:30 at night. We rode on a gravel and dirt road part of the way and eventually settled in on a campsite and Pitch our tents and hopped in and went to sleep.
And now for the accessory of the day. My motorcycle is equipped with built-in hard cases. They tuck in and under the bike to keep the center of gravity in a better position. They are theoretically waterproof and they locked to keep all my items secure. I also have bags that I keep inside the cases so that I can grab the bag and go to a motel or campsite. The bike also comes with a top box but because it weighs almost 40 pounds I decided to remove it. If I was traveling with a companion I would keep the top box on the bike because it also has a backrest and armrest. The top box also has rear speakers for the benefit of the rear passenger.

See you all tomorrow as we head towards Canada and Niagara Falls.


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