48 state motorcycle tour – day 16, May 21, 2017

We got up in the morning and walked to Breakfast Cup, a local diner. It was hidden inside a bowling alley near the hotel. It was small and noisey, but good food and mostly locals eating there. The waitress had been there  32 years.

After breakfast, we worked on our Sena communicators. I discovered that ear buds plug in and work VERY well. I also figured out how to hear my GPS navigation as well as music.

We relaxed in the hotel room. 

Here I am testing my communicator.

Here we are lounging in the room. 

Later we walked to Walmart for supplies and had lunch at White Castle, a midwest slider joint. Sliders are mini hamburgers. White Castle has been around since 1931.

We walked back to the hotel from Walmart.  Each time we walk, we pass these car dealers. In one lot, there is a Lexus with the most besutiful color, Radiant Red. 

My bike would look great in that color, dont u think? 😉

I lubed my bike’s side case locks and other places. They open much easier now. I polished the windscreen and defogged the helmet faceshield. I bought a bottle for my cupholder. 😀

In the evening, I found an Argentine Tango club in downtown Chicago’s west loop. The building was beautiful inside. 

There was a class beforehand but it just had beginner students. The teacher introduced me to a nice lady named Katie. We had a nice chat and good dancing.

I didnt stay long since I had to get up early to get Ken’s bike to the dealer.

When I walked out of the club, it was foggy, windy and freeeeeeezing. My heated jacket liner kept me warm on the 30 minute drive back to the hotel.

Sears tower in downtown Chicago.

Since I worked on my Sena communicator, Ill talk about that in my accessory of the day. The Sena attaches to my helmet and allows Ken and I to talk while riding. We can also link to our phone and hear music, or navigation voice directions.  It also has an FM radio.

Tonorrow we push the bike to the dealer. Cant wait for that!!!


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