48 State Motorcycle tour – day 21 May 26, 2017

This morning we woke up to and absolutely beautiful sky. It was a bit chilly but very refreshing the. We had breakfast at the hotel and then we checked our oil level. I needed some oil so I topped it off period I knew we had a long day of riding ahead of us because we had to ride through the entire state of Montana through Idaho and into Washington State.

We stopped off at Famous Dave’s barbecue. I had barbecue chicken and can head barbecue ribs. A check of the weather showed some scattered showers. That’s exactly what we saw that afternoon.

The first shower we saw ahead of time so we pulled over to grab a snack and gas up the bikes and we waited out the storm. We rode through to other rainstorms.

Montana is a very beautiful state and as we traveled Westward it got more and more beautiful.

Towards the west side we Rose in altitude. As we got into Idaho trouble began.

We were gassing up and Ken’s bike would not start. We jump started the bike with my bike and we were under way. Ken’s tail light was not working and he had some dash lights on. We went to a local Walmart and Ken bought a battery charger.

We figured that we would try to make the 60 mile ride to Spokane Washington. Fortunately the bike was running well even though there was clearly an electrical problem.

We checked into a Motel 6 and pulled the bags off the bike to see what the problem was. I found a blown fuse to the brake light. We examine some of the wiring and all seem to be ok. We walked over to a local auto parts store and picked up some fuses and plugged in the new fuse and everything seem to work okay. The bike even started up without a jump start.

So the good news was that it was an easy fix the bad news was that we don’t know why the fuse blew and there was certainly a reason why it blew.

We then went to a Panda Express and had some dinner. There we struck up a nice conversation with Washington State Trooper Sergeant Scott Lasher. Sgt Lasher was originally from San Diego when he moved to Coeur d’Alene Idaho. He was having dinner there with some other associates from his Department. It was a pleasure to speak with him.

Ken and I were in good spirits as we walk back to the motel. The electrical problems seem to be solved even though the reason was still up in the air. The bike was functioning and we were looking forward to the last leg of our trip.

Tomorrow we ride from Spokane to Corvallis Oregon where my sister lives. We are starting to realize the magnitude of our ride as we look at a map of the United States and realize that we’ve been to the whole thing. Not only to the whole thing but we did it all in three weeks.

I’ll save more pontification for my epilogue when we complete the ride.

 For now, one more day and the 48 state motorcycle tour is over.  See you tomorrow for our last state……Oregon!


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