48 State Motorcycle tour – after the ride

I have been home a couple of days now and I have just been catching up a little bit on things to do around the house. Blending back into my regular life is a little difficult but getting done. Spending a few days with my sister helped a lot.

I did a couple of things to the bike today. On the ride I was at a few BMW dealers and I had a chance to look at the successor to my bike called the K 1600 GTL. BMW updated The Styling among other things and I kind of want to update my bike a little bit to look a bit more modern. I noticed BMW did not put logos on the back of the rear cases on any of its bikes after 2005. My bike has a K1200 logo on the left case and an LT logo on the right case.

I decided to remove those logos to give it a little more modern look and to give the bike a cleaner look as well. After a few minutes here is the result:

I never liked the front factory decals. I decided to design my own in conformance with the modern looking decals/badges of the more recent bikes. The GTL has a chrome logo on the front so perhaps taking my rear chrome Badges and putting them on the front that might give it a better cleaner look….something like this:

Far away shot:

Above is the fugly factory decal.

I also installed the rear passenger floorboards and rear top box.

At some point I may paint it a more attractive color. Mechanically there is a looseness in the front end that I need to diagnose so I will be taking the bike apart again to find that. Since I put so many miles on it I will need to change the oil and do some other servicing.

I will be writing an Epilogue in the next few days which will summarize my ride and philosophize or pontificate a little bit., Until then,  be safe out there. See you soon.

UPDATE….June 3, 2017

I’ve been working on the motorcycle putting it back together. Front end is fixed and feels much better. I wish I got to do that before the ride but that’s the way it is.

Ken came over today and brought his cooking stuff and the beef stew that we were going to eat when we were camping.



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